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How Does Blender Bottle Work – Working of a Blender

How does a blender work?

Let’s have a look at how a relatively simple machine, a blender, and how does blender bottle work? In this complete guide you will get top features of how to use your blender and blender bottle in a way you never have thought before. So let’s keep rollin’.

What is a blender?

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What is a Blender – Oster Blender

It is an appliance that is within the range of household appliances. Its function is mixing and liquifying foods that, thanks to the grinding action, they end up merging. The device is used in the kitchen, and there are currently several types of it. The birth of the blender had a significant impact on society. Because, in the past, the work of crushing and blending was slow and complicated.

In the culinary world, the use of implements such as mortar and metate changed to one that was much more sophisticated and faster. The Polish Stephen J. Poplawski invented the blender in 1922. He lived in the United States, and thanks to his obsession with creating functional devices for mixing drinks, he created one that is nowadays essential.

Types of blender:

  1. Centrifugation blender: It is the appliance that is responsible for extracting the juice from vegetables and fruits through the centrifugation process. In Latin America, it as a “juice extractor” and in Spain as an “electric juicer.”
  2. Grinding: Contains a motor that rotates blades to crush different types of food. In Spain, it’s known as a “glass mixer” and in Latin America as a “blender.”
  3. Hand blender: It is a much more modern type of mixer. It is also known as a “mini primer” and is used to mix food directly from the container. Its widely used for making purees, soups, and sauces.

Parts of a blender

  • Electric motor – It is the power source of the appliance, ultimately being what allows the blades to rotate.
  • Housing – It is the frame with which the motor is protected. There are the switches in it.
  • Shaft – It is an element with geometry, which is almost always asymmetric and is used as the support for rotating parts, although it does not transmit any torque. It is the piece with which the blender bottle rotates.
  • Glass – It is a glass or plastic container generally, which will contain food. Inside it the food is crushed.

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How does a blender work?

The operation of the blender depends more than anything on its motor since it is the part in charge of making the blades or blades move and can crush what is inside the glass.

Even though they are convenient, they are elementary devices since they only consist of a container, the leaves, a casing, and inside of it a motor. The motor that they have and which serves to make the blades move and crush everything they find.

Its operation is efficient since the device is elementary. It consists of a glass that adheres to the motor at the time of blending, blades, and a lid. Traditional blenders generally have three speeds (low, medium, and high). All a user must do is put the food to mix in the glass and close it. As soon as the motor starts, it is generally possible for the user to choose between different speeds: slow, medium, and fast so that the rate with which the blades already attached to the mechanism will rotate vary. These different speeds will be useful to prepare different kinds of food, such as if you want to crush ice.

From that moment, the mechanism will start to rotate the blades and, inside the glass, a whirlwind will form thanks to the way they turn. The blending time will depend on the food in question. If they are soft, it will not take long, but if not, they may take more time and liquids to help with the process. On the other hand, due to the way blender works, a kind of eddy will be generated in the container due to the shape and speed of blades. The liquid that is formed will move to the sides and will also return to the middle because its substantial parts will move to the bottom, where the blades are; therefore, everything will undoubtedly get crushed.

Blender works with two energies: 

Mechanical energy: which is created or generated when an external energy source feeds the automatic device and makes it rotate, advance, reverse, etc. It manifests itself by pressing the switches that turn the blade and move the jug.

Electric energy: which results from the existence of a potential difference between two points, which allows establishing an electric current between the two. When it is contacted using an electrical conductor and get the work of the blender. 

If everything doesn’t turn liquid, more power would have to be applied to make the swirl effect more practical.

Delicacies of all kinds can be prepared in the blender, for example, smoothies, creams, soups, sauces, among others. It is also essential for making cocktails in bars and similar places.

In modern times, the principle with which the blender was created, is used in other types of smaller, more powerful, or even more manual devices and without the need to rely on electrical energy. It can be seen, for example, that although there are now models with different sizes or antlers, the shape of these will always create a swirl that will crush and mix whatever is added to it.

How does blender bottle work?

What is a Blender Bottle?

how does a blender bottle work - best blenders for smoothies
A Blender Bottle – How Does a Blender Bottle Work

A blender bottle, as the name suggests, is a plastic or polymer glass cup used for mixing and is an essential part of a blender. It comes with a very tightly sealed and secure lid. The lid contains a round-shaped metallic ball, usually made of steel. Blender bottles are very convenient and low priced and the most important thing is that they are really easy to use.

What can a blender bottle do?

We all associate blenders and blender bottles with juices and smoothies, of course, it is its natural function and to which we are most accustomed. However, it has other services and uses. We will show you some ideas of what can do with a blender.

Today we honor our summer superhero with different fresh and creative ways in how to use your blender bottle.

For those of you who see the blender as just a smoothie machine, you’re going to get amazed.

For us who have been using the blender bottle for more than just smoothies since the 20th century, consider this a reminder of all that what a blender (if we know how to use it) can give us.

Smoothies and smoothies

Of course. A blender, regardless of whether it’s a lifelong Moulinex Vitae or the professional Clatronic AE 3532, couldn’t be complete without a mixed drink. There’s nothing like a tremendous frothy smoothie with lots of ice cream or a fruity smoothie with a frozen banana to make you feel like a kid again. Drink your way back to childhood with the shakes!

In our other article we have explained about best blenders for smoothies.


It is time to relax. The list of cocktails that can make in a blender is endless, but margaritas are my favorite with cup aficionados.


Your blender can help you make the sauce smooth, silky and flavorful. Take advantage of those tomatoes that you already have and are very ripe to make a homemade tomato sauce!


A high-quality mixer (especially high-end, professional blenders ) are the secret in making ultra-creamy sauces for the holiday or happy hour. Hummus is a classic to succeed with pita chips, celery, or spread on sandwiches, delicious!

Gazpacho or cold soups

Gazpacho, the classic Spanish tomato soup served cold, is a traditional blender dish. We love cold soups, and they are perfect for summer dinners or hot meals during the day, and they are a super quick and easy way to use fresh produce.

What is the function of a blender bottle?

So let’s explain the functions of a blender bottle to get into details of how does blender bottle work. We have explained some detailed recipes that you can make with the help of blenders:

Ice cream

You can make ice creams inside a blender bottle. Ice cream makers are expensive, and making ice cream from scratch takes a long time – but not with your trusted blender! Can you imagine a chocolate and hazelnut ice cream in the mixer? Did you know that a frozen banana is synonymous with banana ice cream?

Mousse or Pudding

Use a food processor to whip the cream, but it’s so easy to do it in a blender bottle! It is creamy and delicious. It’s very reasonable to make this delightful dairy-free mousse – especially in a blender bottle.

Creams of all kinds, such as mayonnaise

Another of its features is to make creams like mayonnaise. With a blender, you will save time and effort, in addition to achieve different results than when you do it by hand.

Mixes to make omelets

Don’t you feel like cooking? Do you contact like you have no energy? Even if you need to make an omelet, you can make use of your blender bottle. Have the mixture ready in a few seconds and enjoy a portion of delicious food.

Baby food 

Another of its uses is to create baby food. You can add the ingredient you want to create good food for your baby, healthy as well as nutritious. In addition to saving money, you can offer your baby a healthier food.


Do you want to give your food a different touch with some pesto? Forget about buying it if you have a blender. You can do it on your own and find the texture and creaminess that you like the most.

Pancakes or waffles

To prepare some delicious pancakes or waffles, you no longer have to give your arm so much work. Put all the ingredients in the blender and have it to do it for you. Besides, you will have the mixture ready in much less time.

Ice cream sorbets

In good weather, you always want something fresh, right? With your blender, you can also create sorbets of different flavors of ice cream to be able to enjoy them whenever you want.

How does blender bottle work?

In the first step we need to open the lid of blender bottle and put it on one side. Then we will need to take out the mixing ball, that described earlier is usually a steel ball. Then comes the step in which we have to put our recipe and whatever food we need inside the blender bottle. For liquid stuff we need to keep in mind the readings that are visible on most of the blender bottles.

Now we need to screw back our blender bottle lid. We should assure the proper sealing and pressing of the bottle as it will be the subject to proper shaking. Then we will need to turn on the mixing button as it will start our blending process. We need to follow the instructions that come with most of the blenders. After the blending part is over we need to open the lid and put our smoothie inside a separate glass. Clean the blender and you’re done!

Consumption of a blender

The best blender for smoothies consumes around 0.35 kWh or Kilowatt hours and 350 Wh or Watts per hour. It is a household appliance that consumes enough energy at home, although it only does so for a few seconds or a few minutes.

Consumption is usually somewhat less than a juicer since the latter does not crush (chop) but chop, separate, and centrifuge.

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